What games can I use my free spins on?

It varies depending on the online casino. Some let you choose for yourself, while most have taken out one or a few pokies on which you can use your bonus spins.

Why do casinos give free spins?

The online casino sees free spins as an excellent opportunity to attract new customers. By offering this, online casinos can get more new players, and they always hope that customers will stay and make the first deposit after consuming their no deposit free spins.

Do all online casinos offer free spins?

No, some online casinos have chosen not to offer new customers. However, most casinos offer free spins, and there are tons of options to choose from. That means that you have, to say the least, good conditions to find an excellent welcome offer.

What are no deposit-free spins?

It is a welcome offer where the online casino gives you free spins without depositing any money. That allows you to test the online casino without any risk.